Modified the Blix template

Well if you have visited my site sometime before this evening, you should notice a very different layout and color scheme. I spent a good part of the night getting it put together and there is still lots of work to do. The comments page is still using the old color scheme but that will be fixed eventually. I’m going to hopefully get this template cleaned up real nice and polished and release for others to download and use.

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  1. Good job, the Blix theme is great and easy to modify. You did a great job with the colors.
    It is very impressive what you can do with this theme, just look at my blog (french), it’s also based on blix but doesnt look like it anymore:

  2. Hey dude, I just think that this theme mod is excelent. Blix itself is excelent, but you did a pretty good job . Thank you!!! You erased almost all the trash from the css style.

    I have a question by the way, how can I make the categories show at the right the number of posts under that specific category?


    Dreamweaver (15)
    Photoshop (12)
    Illustrator (5)

    Thank you very much. And then again: excelent job.

  3. Hi,

    I just installed Blix Theme. You did a great job in modification here.
    How did you modify the “pages” on the top?

  4. Nice job cleaning up blix. I have used blix on 3 sites so far and I was reading your site for 15 minutes before I relized it was Blix.

    Blix breaks if you install the semilogic static home page plug in and I have modifies the top page menu to dislpay a manually specfied list of links.

    Could you let me know if you publish this theme, I think it is an accomplishment!

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