I’m now more offically a college graduate

I “graduated” about 3 weeks ago, but just because you walk doesn’t mean you are going to make it past your final grad check. Got an e-mail today saying that I had officially graduated and that my degree was now real. Cool, just gotta wait a couple months to get my actual diploma.

CSULB actually had a pretty good on-line tool that would check your transcript against your degree requirements and tell you what you needed. One of my classes got reduced by a unit so it said I was missing a unit, but it checked out okay anyway.

Graduation Ceremony

Taking my walk. Note the lack of graduation accessories, I boycotted the campus bookstore as often as possible and I had already ponied up $50 for my cap and gown, they weren’t getting another dime.

My supporters, thank you for your support.

I’m glad my dad got this shot just as a turned to wave to the above supporters. I’m also glad that that guy felt he had to take a picture of himself the same time his mom did.

Someone had to get emotional, I wasn’t.

Ahhh I get it, funny. Instead of giving me a diploma you take the opportunity to try and get me to join the Alumnis.

Isn’t this a smart looking family?

And this is obligatory.

Graduation Party Heads-Up

Since I’m graduating in 22 days (I’ll include weekends this time), I’m throwing a little shindig so chances are if you are reading this you are invited I just have to get invitations out. I’m not a huge fan of graduation annoucements so you won’t get those, but invitations will at least be coming in the snail mail. I wonder if postal workers appreciate being called snails.

Professor Andrew?

Not really, more like teacher assistant Andrew. I’ve got a project going at school right now to further develop our Microsoft infrastructure for use in various classes, primarily for teaching ASP.NET. Since I’ve actually been using it in my internship I guess that makes me qualified to give 3 lectures on the subject in the upper division Web class. I’m actually taking the other class that will be using the technology so I’m sure I will be contributing there as well. I need to make a point of posting more often to keep myself off of Nathan’s Dead Blarg Friends list.