WordPress Plugin – My Category Order

My Category Order allows you to set the order in which Post categires will appear on your WordPress site. Uses a drag and drop interface for ordering. Adds a widget with additional options for easy installation on widgetized themes.

Download here: My Category Order – WordPress.org Plugin Directory

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Plugin Info

My Category Order was released in 2006 and has been compatible with every version of WordPress from 1.5 to 2.8.5. It went through a lot of changes, but the effort needed to keep it backwards compatible was quite burdensome. Breaking support for versions of WP older than 2.8 allowed for the inclusion of a more powerful widget and the removal of the horrible taxonomy.php patch (believe me I hated it more than anyone).

The most exciting change comes from the move to the new Widget API. It makes adding support for multiple widget instances a snap. Rewriting the widget code also allowed me to add widget options for nearly every single parameter normally available to the wp_list_categories template function. If you were being held back by the lack of options on the built in Categories widget then definitely check that out.

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256 Replies to “WordPress Plugin – My Category Order”

  1. thank you. but this plugin for left/right menu. no work in nav menu . how can i change navigator menu ?

  2. hey i have been trying to use it but without any success. I cant still sort categories. Can you point me to any video resource which can guide me through?

  3. Hi there,

    I just updated to WordPress 3.1.2 yesterday and then installed both “My Category Order” and “My List Order.” They simply do not work–I order the categories and lists and press “Click to order categories” (or “Click to order lists”) and nothing happens in my sidebar.

    Is this a known issue and are you working to fix it? Any workarounds?

    Thanks, Susanna

  4. It works with 3.2.1 only if you do what Michael Oeser says…

    following the WP Codex there is no orderby=order parameter (although it works).

    When you set orderby=order in place where you call your wp_list_categories this plugin start to working…


    Thanx man… :)

  5. Hi there, I have installed my category order in a new blog and categories don’t show (it simply shows the title and underneath it says “no categories”…
    I have checked the widget and ticked and unticked the relevant boxes: I have untiked “hide empty categories”, but even non empty categories do not show, I have tried to set the depth option at 0, 1 and 3, but the published widget continues to say “no categories”…
    For the moment I have the standard WP categories widget and all the categories are messed up in alphabetical order…. (http://yajanuwa.com)
    What shall i do? Shall I uninstall and install again???
    Thanks for your help!

  6. this works perfectly! to get it working with my custom taxonomy i just did a hard replace of ‘category’ with ‘custom_taxonomy_name’. then added ‘orderby=order’ to my get_categories query and i was all set.


  7. First off love your plug-ins,
    all working great!
    I would also like to set the order of the pages that I put in the categories,
    which I have in displayed in the side bar, using your My Category Order as a widget.

    It sets the order of the Categories just fine, but I also want to set the order of the
    pages that I put in the Categories.


    Sincerely, Ken

  8. Thank you very much for such a nice wordpress plugin! Easy to sort – easy to integrate in sidebar!

  9. I’m looking at doing this….

    Is there a way of doing this?

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for your plugin. It is very useful.

    The question is that it doesn’t work with my current theme. Could you help me?


  11. Hi there,

    Thanks for the plug-in but I cannot download it! I tried to download 3.0.1 but Powerpoint can’t read the file. Why is it downloading as a Powerpoint file anyway – I’m baffled! Surely it should just download as a WordPress file?!



  12. Hi, Thank you very much for your plugin. I know that your plugin is very useful if you are using it for WordPress Categories. I am using Jigoshop for my product categories and would like to re-order my product categories. I tried your plugin and it will not work. Can you tell me if there a way to do so like changing a code somewhere? Thank you.

  13. wp_list_categories(apply_filters(‘widget_categories_args’, ‘orderby=order’, $cat_args));

  14. Hi Ted,
    I have a quick question, my category order plug in is not working, I can drag and drop categories and subcategories to the desired spot, but changes are not saved. In previous comments in this forum say that if I am not using widgets I need to edit the `wp_list_categories(‘orderby=order&title_li=’);`, but where do I find the wp_list_categories? I have found the plug in editor on my dashboard and also, sidebar.php and _sidebar.php and I still cannot find that line that I need to edit. Do I need to find it in myphpadmin database in my host? Can you please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

  15. Hi cylcathy,
    Can you please share, how do I find the wp_list_category? What file do I need to edit and where do I find it? I have been looking in the sidebar.php, _sidebar.php, functions.php. Is the wp_list_category in any of this files, what line should I edit if I am not using widgets. Thanks.

  16. That would be great if plugin would use some css… or would be wrapped in some or at least it could use some predefined id names for and tags.
    Then I use it as widged its no way how to wrap it in your own div.

    Or the widget could have some fields like AddBefore and AddAfter

  17. I good day, thanks for the plug, im installing ot on a wp site in spanich already sort the categories but seems not to work Already close tab of the page and reloaded and nothing happen, why would this be? cthans a lot and enjoy

  18. Excellent plugin. A long time ago who was looking for a plugin like this.
    Greatly facilitates my work.
    I’m using this plugin on my blog :)
    Thank you.

  19. This seems to only re-order them in the admin panel, and not on the visible site.

    It doesn’t seem to be compatible with the new pixopoint menus either, which is sad to see. I would love to be able to fully customize the order of the items in my menu again (which I have set to categories).

  20. Thanks very much for this plugin! Helped me achieved my goal of custom reordering totally painlessly.

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