A Non-Geek Friendly Introduction to AJAX

Just like the Internet, Al Gore didn’t invent it. Some of you might not be terribly nerdy/geeky/techie people, but since you are here looking at this site you are using the Internet, this should be of interest to you. If anything it will make you smarter and in a few years you can impress your friends by saying “Eh whatever, I heard about AJAX back in 2005, big deal.”

AJAX stands for (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), this may be gibberish but it will change (you may have already unknowingly experienced it) the way you interact with your computer and the Internet. With the current state of the net, you are presented with a static page that loads in your browser and you read it or make some changes and refresh the page or submit a form, etc… Nothing very exciting.

AJAX uses technology behind the scenes to communicate with a server and returns information to the page you are looking at without refreshing the page, allowing it to become truly dynamic and interactive. The best way to further explain is to see it in action and decide for yourself the cool factor.

Google Maps, Google Suggest, Meebo

More information on AJAX

4 Replies to “A Non-Geek Friendly Introduction to AJAX”

  1. The google suggest thing is pretty cool. I think the hard part of this “technology” will be finding real good uses for it. The google maps seem like a much better implementation than suggest. The instant results part is nice though.

  2. Well if Google makes good on the upcoming M$ Office Killer and the supposed OS, or online Desktop, there are plenty of good uses and if any company can deliver it, it will be google.

    Here’s an I, Cringely article where he speculates how google is preparing (infrastructure wise) for AJAX and other highly dynamic and bandwidth intensive applications. Can you say GoogleTV?

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