Notes in Google Reader

Just realized you don’t have to subscribe to a feed in Google Reader to share something you find on the Internet. Under “Your Stuff” they added “Notes” a while back. On that page there’s a bookmark you can drag to the bookmark toolbar, click it, add a note and share the note in your Shared items. Highlight text on the page and it will prepopulate the description field with it. If you can’t see my shared items, send me a chat invitation in Gmail; pretty sure that’s the only way to become “friends” in Google Reader. Added a test note of a chart from Ross Perot’s

2 Replies to “Notes in Google Reader”

  1. Shared Iteams has been one my favorite features about reader and since they’ve added notes, I’ve been beside myself with joy over the reader and amazed people still use bloglines?

    They do need a better way to manage “friends” you can subscribe to a friend’s shared feed and it will show up in your reader and in whatever folder you put it in but in order to get that friend to be in the special “friends” area you have to add the person as a google chat friend… kind of lame I’m sure they’ll fix it eventually.

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