Jumping on the bike wagon

Two big problems have developed in my life: gas prices suck and I haven’t had any significant exercise in about 5 years. The former makes my wallet lighter and the latter has made me heavier. The solution to both of these problems is a good old fashioned bicycle. We went over to Pat’s 605 Cyclery to pick out a beach cruiser for Sarah and I asked about what would work for starting a bike commute. I was pointed towards the Trek “hybrid” bikes that where close to my budget.

I had done some research on bikes and knew the major differences between road bikes and mountain bikes, but didn’t know a whole lot about hybrids. Hybrid bikes are just that, a hybrid of the two that combine the skinnier, smooth tires and gearing of a road bike with the frame and seating position of a mountain bike.

I grew up riding fairly generic street bikes and rode mountain bikes a couple times up in Mammoth, but besides that my bike experience was pretty limited. I was looking at the Trek 7.2 FX and went in for a spin around the parking lot and I was sold almost immediately. I’m pretty out of shape and it was fun just riding around in circles.

Sarah’s beach cruiser was ready to go home and I couldn’t let her ride alone so I went ahead and bought it right there. Good thing I did because the next bike they would have ordered was going to cost $70 more because of price increases for rubber and all the components getting passed to the consumer. At $480 after tax it wasn’t cheap, but I see it as an investment that will reduce my gas bill and help me get into shape. Instead of driving Saturday morning, we road 8.5 miles around town so the savings have already began.

I’ll post more on all of this, but this will definitely bring some big changes in my life.

Quick specs

  • 20″ aluminum frame
  • Shimano shifting components, 18 speeds
  • 700cc x 35mm wheels

And Sarah’s beach cruiser

5 Replies to “Jumping on the bike wagon”

  1. Nice Hybrid bike.

    Regarding the beach cruiser fad that seems to be taking a stranglehold of southern california, I just don’t get it!

    IIRC they were heavy and hard to ride on anything but a VERY flat surface… but the balloon tires made for a bouncy ride.

    Happy riding to yous.

  2. Hey Andrew, like the bikes. Looking forward to riding my *inconceivably uncomfortable* beach cruiser with you and Sarah.

  3. The name- “Beach Cruiser” It’s perfect.

    -Leisurely rides to TK Burger along the boardwalk

    -Big flat pedals made for flip-flops

    -Slow (reduced likelihood of brain injury)and what’s the hurry anyway – you’re on a beach cruiser

    -You never see people wearing Lycra/Spandex blends on a Beach Cruiser.

    -Simple – 6 or so moving parts


    -You gotta love the bouncy seat

    Maybe I’ll name our first kid “Beach Cruiser” – Beach C. Wallace – I like it.

  4. I love my bike, but it isn’t exactly noob friendly. Second time riding it I knocked the chain off during a downshift and the seat takes some getting use too. I’m finding myself riding it almost like a single speed in the middle gears, not too many hills in Downey that require those low gears.

    I plan on getting a hitch rack to help transport bikes down to the beach.

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