Wedding Pictures

We’re back from our honeymoon (was awesome), I’ve started my new job and I’ve got a bunch of wedding day pics up in my gallery now check em out. Pictures from bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner and honeymoon will be up soon.

Wedding Gallery

4 Hours

I’ll be married in about 4 hours and I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. I’m excited to start a new life with Sarah and I’m not really nervous. I’ve been getting lots of “your last days of freedom” comments and I’m slightly confused by that. Not sure if people are just joking around or if that’s how they really view marriage. I only see positive things happening by getting married.

You can probably get a good idea about someone’s attitude about marriage by analyzing how they would handle finances. Are accounts and paychecks kept separate and each partner does whatever they want with “their” money after the bills are paid? Or are the financial identities of the partners merged into one where all money earned goes into a pot and both agree on how it should be spent and saved. Financial independence in a marriage just seems strange to me.

See ya all at the wedding or stay tuned for a plethora of pictures when we get back from Hawaii.

The Sibling Post Trifecta

Been a month since my last post and much has happened in that time period. Since The Blarg and MRI both updated I’ll finish things off with a sort of sibling blog hat trick if you will.

First off I left my position with the consulting firm I had been with for the past year. My last day was July 6th and I’m taking a month off before starting up at LA County with their Web group. I’m really looking forward to the change, hopefully the work will be more challenging and rewarding. The benefits are excellent and you can’t beat a 2.5 mile commute (I was doing 25 miles each way to Diamond Bar and my gas bill was approaching $180 a month).

Wedding stuff: 4 days and counting and nearly everything is done. Taking time off helped since I was free during the day to do whatever needed to be done. Took some late engagement pictures last week and got those printed up (thank you Richard!), printed up place cards, table numbers, programs and made favors.

Our new place: With my sister, MRI, moving to San Diego they needed to rent out their condo. With Sarah and I getting married we needed a place to rent. To say the least there wasn’t much debate about what we should do. Sarah is already moved into the condo and we’re getting settled in. We have the 2 most important things already: a bed and a HDTV.

Previously mentioned HDTV: My new toy is a 42″ Panasonic Plasma and I’m loving it. We’ve been watching TV on my 20″ LCD for about a year and I was ready for something really nice. Cashed in credit card rewards and got a free HD-DVD player (would have had to spend $100 on a player with HDMI anyways) and I’ve got the receiver already. OTA HDTV and DVDs look gorgeous. Pics of the setup will definitely be posted once I receive my speakers.

Honeymoon: I just need to do some last minute confirmations but everything is booked and we are picking a few things we want to do. I just kind of want to explore and take a bunch of pictures. Kauai and Maui here we come.

Photography experiments: My goal is to come back from Hawaii with a bunch of awesome pics to print and fill our large empty walls with. One of these pics I want to be a nice big panorama and to facilitate that I’m taking a tripod and new gadget to make sure it is perfect.


That’s where the Panosaurus comes in. It positions the camera in the portrait position and you calibrate it to rotate around the nodal point of the lens so things line up properly as you rotate the camera. I’m thinking a 360 view from the top of Waimea Canyon would be pretty sweet. And here’s a quick test I did of my bedroom (12 pics stitched together with a manual exposure, I only have 2 light bulbs in so one side of the room is darker):


On a side note I think it is pretty interesting that you’re possessions can really demonstrate what type of person you are. Some interesting observations about myself/room (I’ll work left to right):

  • Homemade rear speaker stand made from metal bookshelf end spray painted white and screwed to wall.
  • Box with water bottle wrapped in paper with line and nail in front, Panosaurus calibration equipment.
  • Phone which hasn’t actually been plugged in for several months for some reason.
  • Numerous pictures of soon to be wife.
  • Cluttered desk
  • Bookshelf. Normally top shelf dedicated to SNES game collection and other video games. Next shelf dedicated to miscellaneous literature: Greek mythology, WWII and Vietnam books, fantasy and sci fi. Next shelf would be almost completely dedicated to a mostly complete Star Wars book collection. Next 2 shelves are filled with math and programming books. Wow that all just screams nerd.
  • Boxes in living room ready to be moved out.
  • Boxes in bedroom ready to be filled.
  • Wardrobe consisting mostly of t-shirts, that might have to change soon.

That might be it until after the Honeymoon since the next 4 days are going to be pretty busy with Rehearsal dinner and getting all the last minute things ready. In the meantime stick it to the RIAA man and download Prince’s new free album.

The honeymoon planning begins

This past weekend I spent a few late nights scouring the Internet for places to stay in Hawaii and getting a feel for what’s available. I’ve never been to Hawaii and I know a lot of you have been and I want to hear about your experiences, tips, insights, advice, etc.. Right now I’m planning on 6 nights on Kauai and 2-3 nights on Maui. I’m reserving a secluded private cottage for the first 4 nights on Kauai but beyond that I’m still figuring things out. I bought Frommer’s “Hawaii From $80 A Day” which has given me some good ideas, but personal recommendations on stuff to do is highly valued.