Boston Trip Pictures Are Up

Finally sorted through 370 pics from Boston and got them posted up on Picasa. Take a look. Check out the night shot from MIT at the end of the gallery, I did a bit of HDR magic on it since the lights up on the dome were super bright compared to the interior lights.

Boston 2009

Arizona Road Trip: Day 4

There were a couple things we wanted to do on the way home: Red Rocks State Park just outside of Sedona and breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Prescott. Red Rocks had some nice trails and the fall colors were really nice and vibrant.





After that we headed down the 89 into Prescott for some more Cracker Barrel goodness and worked our way back down to the 10. I didn’t look at the route too closely on Google Maps before we left, but we went through several mountain ranges which provided some nice driving in the RSX. That’s about it. I posted a more complete gallery at my new Picasa Web Album so check that out too.

Arizona Road Trip: Day 3

We didn’t get to see the landscape driving in, but this was the view from our room at the Hilton resort in Oak Creek.

The plan for today was to head up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and see as many sites as possible on the way there. Heading up into Sedona there were nice views of the red rocks.

Had breakfast at the Wildflower Bread Company in Sedona and stopped off at the Church of the Holy Cross.

Continued the drive up 89A to Flagstaff and stopped for some shots of the canyon.

Bypassed Flagstaff and continued up the 89. Took a detour through the Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monuments. Snow on the ground at the crater and crazy winds at one of the ruins.

Back on 89, stopped in Cameron before heading over to the east Grand Canyon entrance. There’s really nothing out there except for the Cameron Trading Post and its little restaurant. We got frybread which was absolutely scrumptious with a little honey.

Headed over to the east Grand Canyon entrance and went up in the Watchtower for our first peek at the result of millions of years of work.

I was confused by these signs, the guy looks like he’s saying “Alright cliff slide!”

We worked our way along the rim and stopped at the different lookouts before heading back down towards Flagstaff from the west entrance. We had planned to do a little spelunking in a lava tube, but it got dark too fast and there were several inches of snow on the ground in that area. Headed back down to Sedona for some vegetarian dinner at D’lish and called it a night.

Arizona Road Trip: Day 2

Woke up on Sunday and grabbed some free coffee at the hotel and breakfast at the Paradise Cafe. Forgot to mention dinner the night before at Pita Jungle, wouldn’t mind having either of these around here since they were both very good. Went to the 10:45 service at Mike’s church and had the chance to see him preach (his first time?). Helped tear down and headed over to the Ferrulli’s for lunch. Had some In-N-Out and then hung out. Took some good pictures of Bosley.

Hung out a little longer than we had planned so we had an early dinner at Cracker Barrel. Shared some good old chicken and dumplings before hitting the road again.

It was dark by the time we left Pheonix so we couldn’t really see the storm moving in over Northern Arizona. We were heading up the 17 and got a nice view of the electrical storm before the hail started. Checked into our Priceline’d room at the Hilton resort in Oak Creek. I’ve never been in a hotel room with so many doors.