WordPress – Theme Editor: Alphabetical File Sorting

A quick fix some people might be interested in is how to sort the files listed on the theme editor page alphabetically. Some themes can have a large number of files and the default WordPress coding puts the list in no particular coding, making it difficult to track down a particular page. The addition of 2 lines of code can order the list to make it easier to work with.

  1. Save a copy of wp-admin/theme-editor.php to your local computer
  2. Backup the original version
  3. Open the local copy with a plain text editor (notepad works nicely)
  4. Around line 35 there should be a statement identical to:
    $allowed_files = array_merge($themes[$theme][‘Stylesheet Files’], $themes[$theme][‘Template Files’]);
  5. After this insert the following two lines directly after:
    $allowed_files = array_values($allowed_files);
  6. Save your copy and upload it back to the server
  7. Presto, list of files is now in alphabetical order

This will order by filename, but some files might display aliases like “Stylesheet” instead of styles.css, but it will still sort using styles.css, just be aware of that.

WordPress Plugin – My Link Order – Manually set order of Links and Categories

I’ve taken the time to create a plugin to address the fact that some WordPress users would like to have more control over the order their link categories and links in each category. Sure you can order by name or id or recently updated or this and that but what about setting an explicit order?

I actually had this idea last year when I wrote my own simplistic blog software and was dissapointed by the link management options WordPress had. So instead of complaining I did something about it.

Right now the plugin is fairly simplistic, check out these screenshots for a quick preview.

My Link Order Screenshot 1 My Link Order Screenshot 2

For more info click on the tab in the horizontal navigation bar or click through to http://geekyweekly.com/mylinkorder/.

Textbooks: Save your hard earned money

Some of you reading my site are in college or at least like to read so this should be a great site for you. It took me one semester to figure out that the bookstore at any college is a corrupt operation explicitly designed to gouge and rip off the students they vow to be serving.

Since I pretty much pay for my own books, I have always tried to save the most money possible when I buy textbooks and get the most back from the ones I do not keep. Here’s a quick list of what I do to cut my textbook costs by up to half:

  • Never sell books back to your bookstore, sell on Half.com or Amazon Marketplace
  • Never buy books from your bookstore unless absolutely necessary
  • Find the lowest price of used and new books on the entire Internet at AddALL
  • Compare that price to your bookstore’s new and used prices, purchase accordingly
  • Take shipping and taxes into consideration, a $3-$5 cost for shipping is offset by no tax being charged
  • Make a spreadsheet to see how much you save!

I think my all time high in savings was close to $200 and I have even sold books for nearly the same or more for what I paid for them.

One thing to watch out for on books that seem to have prices too good to be true is a growing popularity of International editions of books. These are usually printed in India or somewhere and are the exact same book, but they will always be softcovers with black and white print on inferior paper to the US editions. If you don’t mind the loss in quality go for it but I’ve only bought one and will shell out the extra money for the nicer hardcover.

Cool Site of the Day: Panoramas.dk

Since I have a mild addiction to the Internet (healthy ambition to learn and gather information is how I like to think of it) I want to highlight some of the cool stuff I come across and the more useful sites that I use frequently. So here’s one I found yesterday:

http://www.panoramas.dk/ has full 360 degree shots from around the world and in my honest opinion is very cool. Some of the shots are just ordinary everyday life but some give a sense of actually being there, check out the Austria National Library. Requires Quicktime but everyone should have it, but if you have a weak stomach be warned that spinning the image around in circles could cause motion sickness.

If you have a cool site let me know about it and I’ll highlight it up here.

Merry Christmas to myself

Being a geek and having a website where I supposedly write posts about geeky things means I must give proof of my geekiness. As Sarah, my parents, siblings, and anybody who tried to shop for me for Christmas knows, I’m particular about the things I buy. Well as a gift to myself I decided to upgrade the core components of my computer because we all know money serves zero purpose sitting in a bank account. My upgrade included:

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ CPU – Dual core 2ghz processor, very nice
  • 1GB (2x512MB) Corsair Value PC3200 (DDR 400) RAM
  • GeForce 6800 GS PCI-E x16 – Blows the pants off of all but the most uber expensive video cards
  • MSI K8n Neo4 nForce4 Ultra motherboard – decent board but nothing too special
  • Zalman CNPS7000B-AlCu CPU cooler – very quiet and very good, nearly same one I had for past 2 years but it is compatible with my new 939 cpu socket

I’ll probably be overclocking and tweaking things for the next year because it’s not like I have anything better to do. The CPU was a majority of the cost but it will last me for a good while since the trend will be toward multiple cores and multi-threaded applications. When I have some free time I’ll probably stick in a spare hard drive and dual boot with Windows XP 64-bit to really take advantage of my new hardware.

If you understand anything I am talking about then you get a gold star on your geek progress chart.