Check your savings account rates

I had moved all my savings to Wamu before they failed and were offering 5% on their savings accounts. I knew they had been dropping the rate, but I looked the other day and it was down to 1.15%. I signed up with ING Direct to try them out since they’re offering closer to 2.5%. Was easy to setup an account and withdraw funds from my checking. If you’re interested in opening an ING Direct account, leave a comment and I can send you a referral email that gives you $25 just for signing up (I get $10).

2 Replies to “Check your savings account rates”

  1. This is not the first time I hear from ING, I’ve never considered it because of security. How can you convince me that these guys won’t rob me after I give them access to my current bank account? You now have my email address, forward me that link to together with whatever else helps convincing me of this.

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