The Start of My Epic Video Game Journey

There have been a lot video games made over the years. There have been a lot of very good video games made over the years. I have played some of those very good games, but I’m not sure which ones I’ve played and which ones I have left to play. That’s where my Video Game Journey comes in.

I’ve started compiling a list of games to play that include the best, the underrated, the obscure and anything that can be considered “worth playing”. I don’t want to play every single game that was ever made, but there are definetely gaps in what I have played and what I remember playing. The motivation for this little exploration was caused by my recent replay of Tie Fighter, quite possibly one of the best games ever.

For example, I played Giants: Citizen Kabuto 6 or 7 years ago and really don’t remember much about it. Looking at old reviews you can see that it was highly regarded by most, but the specifics of the game escape me. The spreadsheet I’m developing will let me track my own rating and thoughts about the game. I’ll add it to the list now and mark it as “Needs Replay”.

Other games I’ve played might not need another play through like Final Fantasy Tactics. Incredible game, but I played and beat it in the past year. There are plenty of other tactical RPGs that I never had the chance to play like Tactics Ogre.

I’ll take suggestions on pretty much any system or genre, if there’s a game that stands out to you I want to hear about it. One I just thought of, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine for Genesis.

2 Replies to “The Start of My Epic Video Game Journey”

  1. Something I really enjoy about the whole “trophies” and “achievements” thing is that it gives me motivation to finish games. It’s like a reward, where as before I’d maybe get bored and not play the game much.

    I’m sure there are tons of great games I’ve never played…

  2. There’s just a ton of games I know I’ve never played or just played for a short period of time. Emulation makes a lot of games easily accessible and I’ve got everything from NES to Playstation ready to go.

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