Shared Google Reader Items Revisited

After trying one method of bringing my shared Google Reader items into WordPress I’m not exactly thrilled with the results. Rather than creating a single post per shared item I think I’d be happier with rolling a week’s worth of items into a single “roundup” post. The things I share aren’t really meant to spark discussion, they’re just good reads I want to share.

What I really want to be able to do is create a post with a list of links to the items that have been shared since my last update (much like Kurtis does occasionally with random links). Problem is I can’t find a plugin that does this so it looks like I’ll be putting my noob PHP skills to use to create another plugin. Naming it is going to be the hardest part, “Feed Link Extractor” or “Feed Link Aggregator” or something.

3 Replies to “Shared Google Reader Items Revisited”

  1. I like the word Aggregation (or the proper usage variant) it seems the most appropriate.

    Good luck with the plugin. Depends on how you implement it but it sounds like an easy enough task, especially since you already have cron access / experience.

  2. Any news on this? It’d be quite handy. I’d love to be able to add stuff to my Newsgator shared links on my iPhone, and have those posted to my WordPress blog regularly. Can’t find any way to do it that isn’t one post per shared link, as you say. Maybe if we put our heads together?

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