Republik Of Kalifornia Insanity

I took possession of my new to me Rossi Model 62 .22 pump action rifle yesterday after jumping through a few hoops. I showed up at Ammo Bros a little after 6pm to pick up my gun after the 10 day waiting period. In California the law states that all sales and transfers of firearms must be accompanied by a cable/trigger lock with a receipt from the last 30 days or proof you have a safe. Fine I’ll buy a $5 cable lock, but the guy helping me noticed the chamber wouldn’t accept a cable so I’d need a trigger lock. They didn’t have any so it was off to Turner’s to buy their last trigger lock (rung up at $30, but it had an old $20 sticker on it which they honored) and hurry back to Ammo Bros before they closed.

So they check off that I have the trigger lock and receipt and hand me my gun. So now I have an unopened trigger lock and no lawful requirement that it actually be used. This is just one of California’s wacky gun laws. They should pass a law saying all scooter/motorcycle sales (even private party sales) be accompanied with proof of ownership of a helmet, but then you don’t actually have to wear one while riding. I don’t see why I shouldn’t return the trigger lock and reclaim my $22.

Off to Seattle tonight for a nice little vacation. I hit my one year with the county last week so I can actually use my vacation. Also, my promotion went throught last week so I’m now an Application Developer I.

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  1. Hey, go ahead on admit you’re a gun nut. I made my own admission some time back and now I feel great about my hobby! Just say, “Hi, I’m ‘insert name here’ and I’m a gun nut.” Now you can join the NRA without guilt :)

    Take a look at the new Springfield Armory XDm, the 9 mm should be out soon.

    See, it’s so much better when you “come out”.

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