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  1. my fourth try i completed level 6 with 189,737 points. i’m going to keep going. thanks a lot. i really want to sleep. but i really want to keep clicking on the map!!!

  2. the game is called how well do you know your world. the world, being the earth as an entity. so, equally obscure as in not america? or equally obscure as a white supremacist’s black-people joke? just kickin in open doors… peace & love!

  3. You’re right Sander. The news coming out of Sudan is big time stuff. It’s always in the headlines right there with the European Union and the United States.

    Everyone is equal, and all cities and places on the map are the exact same. Everyone is important!

  4. I bet the average American can’t name 50 African countries and I bet the average African can’t name 50 US States. I’d say we’re about even. Hell I don’t even know all of our state capitals so it is more a knock against my own knowledge of world geography. If I was ever on Jeopardy I’d be screwed. I’d be uber-screwed if I got to the last round on Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego and Africa got picked for the “put the flag on the country” game. And that reminds me, ROCKAPELLA!!!

  5. Nice work Frerik, i have been playing on and off for a couple of weeks and can’t seem to get past level 11…missed it by 3,000 points last time because they kept giving me random cities in central russia.
    On a positive note, i feel like i have learned more about world geography over the past few weeks than in the rest of my life combined

  6. I have reached up to number eleven I find the old soviet states difficult e.g. Kazastan,

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