Long Beach Aquarium image gallery up


I finally got a little tired of my Gallery2 install, it was just a little too slow on my server and I thought I’d start moving stuff over to Flickr. I like it so far and the uploads are quick and easy and viewing speeds are great. Maybe it will give me some more motivation to shoot and post pictures.

But on the pictures themselves, I took them with my Nikon D70 with an 18-70mm. I’d say 90% of the indoor aquarium shots were without flash so I had my ISO bumped to 800 or 1600 most of the time. The shots through the tanks were pretty tough and I was having to brace myself against the tank and pretty much hold the edge of my lens agaist it to minimize camera shake (oh how I pine for a VR lens). Let me know what you think.

2 Replies to “Long Beach Aquarium image gallery up”

  1. They look pretty good to me. I’ve had a hard time seeing the grain that higher ISOs are supposed to bring.

    How exactly do the VR lenses work in reducing shake?

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