Emancipated Worlds Saga

Larry Correia at Monster Hunter Nation linked over to Brad Torgersen who is starting to post a military sci-fi serial called Emancipated Worlds Saga. He posted 8 little pieces to set the whole thing up and so far I’m liking it. Here’s everything that’s been posted so far:

  1. United Nations Archive File A-6345-00-1-1999865
  2. United Nations Archive File A-5345-10-6-1982800
  3. From the office of the Secretary-General
  4. District of Columbia, November 2298 A.D.
  5. United Nations Archive File S-8800-32-1-5289462
  6. A report to the Security Council
  7. For the new recruit
  8. One fateful evening
  9. Emancipated Worlds Saga: Prologue
  10. Emancipated Worlds Saga: Chapter 1

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