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Hello from Windows 7

Shrunk one of my partitions and installed the 64-bit Windows 7 beta on my main machine. Popped in the burned install DVD, hit Shift+F10 to bring up the console and then used the DISKPART utility to SHRINK an existing partition down. The install process requires almost zero user input and in about 15 minutes you’re sitting at the desktop. So far everything seems quicker than my Windows XP install which is going on 2 years without a complete reinstall. Boot time is quicker and Windows 7 actually restarts the machine, XP developed the problem of sitting at the “Saving data…” screen until I hit the case reset.

I’ll use Windows 7 as much as I can for my everyday activities for the next couple weeks and compile my impressions and see if this is really “what Vista should have been”. I’m betting that it is and probably a little bit more.