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HD-DVD dead, Blu-ray prices up

With the competition eliminated it seems Blu-ray player prices are creeping up. I’m puzzled about the current player pricing which makes the PS3 a better option than the cheapest standalone player. Hopefully prices will come down as manufacturers finalize on the 2.0 specification and start pumping out more units. In the meantime if you need a nice upconverting DVD player for your standard definition DVDs, grab a Toshiba HD-DVD player on the cheap, which cost about the same as any other upconverting DVD player with HDMI. I’m saving up credit card rewards to cash in for gift cards when prices are a little more palatable.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Saw Sweeney Todd the day after Christmas with the Yostenbergs and I have to say it was the first movie I’ve genuinely enjoyed in a while. The abundance of throat slitting makes for a very dark and almost indulgent contrast to the musical numbers. Johnny Depp did a good job out in front, but the cast did an equally good job all the way around. Quality is always top notch with Tim Burton running things. The R rating probably kept ticket sales down, but if you can handle the blood give it a shot or queue it up in Netflix.

Sidenote: Sarah would like to plug Atonement for┬áKeira Knightley’s green dress and excellent library scene.