Reduce the time spent checking your friends’ blogs with RSS and Google Reader

I’ve made a post about Really Simple Syndication (RSS) in the past and alluded to it elsewhere, but I never really went into the details of the best way to adopt this very simple technology (no pun intended). In a nutshell RSS let’s subscribe to all your favorite blogs and websites and have all the posts and content show up in one easy to access place. I’ve got about 40 blogs and sites that I frequent, imagine how long it would take to go through and check everyday for new content; I sure don’t have that kind of time. That’s where RSS and Google Reader comes in.

I’m going to use Google Reader as a platform for this post but the post will still be helpful to those using a program that supports OPML. I’m a big fan of Gmail which led me to be a big fan of Google Reader. I’ve done all the work of compiling a list of feeds that includes all of our blogs and their comments; you get to reap the benefits. All you will have to do is create an account with Google (if you don’t have one) and then upload the XML file below.

  1. Save this XML file to your computer by right-clicking and hitting “Save As…”
  2. Create your Google Account here
  3. Log into Google Reader
  4. Click “Settings” in the top right
  5. Click the “Import/Export” tab
  6. Browse for the file you saved in Step 1 and hit Upload
  7. Go Back to Google Reader and browse everyone’s posts and comments

I tried to get everyone in there so if there’s someone missing let me know and I’ll update the file.

And if you want to add your friend’s blogs here’s how to get their comment feeds since they usually aren’t linked:

  • Blogger:
  • WordPress: http://blogurl/feeds/comments/default

Got other feeds for sites you like? Post em up and share with everyone else. One of my favorites is I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?, hit “Add Subscription” in Google Reader and paste in this link:

Google Search Update

In that past several weeks I’ve been moving up on the Google search results for several key searches. I’m now number 1 when searching for “geeky” and “weekly” and in a new surprise, 8th with “andrew” and “charlton”. Hopefully I’ll have content up soon where people will come across my work here without actually knowing my name or the name of the site.

Google search for geeky weekly
Google search for andrew charlton