Tags and Categories

Tags have become a big part of WordPress. Back in the day we had categories and that’s it. A user could search the site for keywords, but categorizing a post couldn’t be accomplished without a ton of categories. Recently I added a bunch of categories, reassigned my posts into them and ended up with a lot of categories with only a few posts in them. I had been resisting the movement towards tagging and wanted to hold onto my categories. In WP 2.5 tags have been integrated into the core and it is clear there is a role for tagging.

The main issue I was having with categories is that I was using them to say what a post is about. For example, if I had a post about our wedding, it went in the Wedding category. But once our wedding was over I had like 10 posts sitting in a category that would never be added to. With tags I can place those posts into “Life Stuff” and tag it with wedding. The category becomes a general bucket and the tags describe exactly what the post is about.

I’ve made some theme changes and added a list of tags on each post. I went back through all my posts, recategorized them into my core categories and added tags. Now I have 8 categories and over 100 tags which will be much easier to manage and will keep me from trying to stuff my posts into overly specific categories.

I Banish Thee Category “Uncategorized”

I went through my posts and found that more than half of them were simply dumped in the “Uncategorized” category that comes with WordPress. I realized that I didn’t like my categories and they were actually obstacles to me posting. I went through and added categories for what I had posted and want to post about in the future. I ditched a few and added catchall categories like “Life” and “Geek” to cover some of those miscellaneous posts. Also any post with a picture I took got stuck in “Photography”. I guess my New Year’s resolution for 2008 is to make my blog more interesting and cover more topics that I enjoy. For example, I love movies, but it seems I haven’t posted once about them. The Movies category is empty and having it there will encourage me to post on that specific topic.