Arizona Road Trip: Day 1

Last week Veteran’s Day was on a Tuesday and my regular day off on Monday gave us the opportunity to take a long weekend away to Arizona. Our general plan was to visit Mike and Danielle, go to their church, head up to Sedona, check out the Grand Canyon, eat at Cracker Barrel and explore anything in between.

So Day 1 we drove out on the 10 and made a stop in Papago Park to check out the Hole in the Rock. Walked around a bit and then headed to the hotel to check in. Priceline’d a nice 3-star Courtyard by Marriott in Chandler. Mike and Danielle were doing a movie in the park outreach that night so we stopped by and then visited at their place. Went back to the hotel and slept in possibly the most comfortable bed ever.

New pictures up in gallery

Got some new pictures up in my image gallery: Turlock from earlier this year (The Blarg had high def video posted, I’ll stick to pics) and My Righteous Indignation’s graduation/hooding/party. Enjoy.

And just a side note on the pics. I processed the heck out of the Turlock pics in Photoshop with a painfully manual workflow. The graduation pics were processed with the Adobe Lightroom beta and are pretty much straight from the camera except for a little cropping and white balance adjustment. I’m going to be using Lightroom some more and write up my impressions. The one thing I’m really liking is non-destructive edits; no more exporting to TIFF so I don’t have to worry about saving JPEGs more than once.

Hawaii Panoramas

Finally got some of the panoramas I took in Hawaii stitched together and there’s 2 I want to share that I really like. The shot of the river was kind of by accident, we were driving on the bypass road south of Lihue and happened up a turnout with a nice view of the Menehune Fishpond and the river going into Nawiliwili Bay. The canyon shot is Waimea canyon over on the west side of Kauai; the drive all the way up is well worth it since it ends in a view of the Napali Coast. Enjoy.

Wild Animal Park visit

Took a trip down to San Diego over Labor Day weekend and needed to entertain ourselves during the day so we thought it would be fun to go to the Wild Animal Park. Got there in the morning but it quickly became super duper hot, but I still managed to get some decent shots. Click the lion for the gallery.

Roar I'm a lion

Honeymoon Pictures Are Up

Hawaii + 3 cameras = 900+ images but I managed to whittle it down to 220. Some might be a little redundant but there’s some pretty nice shots in there. I’ll be posting some very NICE panoramic shots of Waimea Canyon and some other beautiful locations soon.

Honeymoon Gallery

Quick list of what the pictures cover:

  • Our private cottage
  • Spouting Horn
  • Sarah reading Harry Potter
  • Lots of eating and drinking
  • Salt Pond Beach
  • Drive up the west side to Waimea Canyon and then up to Kokee State Park
  • Dinner at the Beach House
  • Swimming in completely enclosed swimming area at Lydgate Beach
  • Poipu Beach
  • Goats and lizards oh my
  • 4 mile hike up to Sleeping Giant
  • Shipwreck Beach and lithified cliffs
  • Couple waterfalls
  • Queen’s Bath
  • Kilauea Lighthouse
  • Moon on the ocean from our hotel window
  • Sunrise on the beach
  • Sunset in Maui (including turtle)
  • Swimming in Maui
  • Old Lahaina Luau
  • Long exposure of stars (Big Dipper!)