Finding products on

The last few times I’ve gone to buy something on Amazon I’ve run into the same problem; it is becoming more and more difficult to actually buy products fulfilled by Amazon and try to meet the $25 required for Super Saver Shipping. There is no straight forward way to tell Amazon’s search to only search products sold by Amazon. Some categories have an option to filter Amazon only products on the left, but that seems pretty hit and miss. Problem for us consumers who don’t like wading through third party products is Amazon is making too much money to care. Anywhere from 30-50% of the units that move through their site are through third parties. The only good solution I’ve found is a site, Amazon Light, that uses Amazon’s web services to search and filter out the third party results, leaving you with search results that are nearly all eligible for free shipping. This will come in handy during the holiday shopping since I despise going to the mall.

Google Search Update

In that past several weeks I’ve been moving up on the Google search results for several key searches. I’m now number 1 when searching for “geeky” and “weekly” and in a new surprise, 8th with “andrew” and “charlton”. Hopefully I’ll have content up soon where people will come across my work here without actually knowing my name or the name of the site.

Google search for geeky weekly
Google search for andrew charlton