Cool Site of the Day:

Since I have a mild addiction to the Internet (healthy ambition to learn and gather information is how I like to think of it) I want to highlight some of the cool stuff I come across and the more useful sites that I use frequently. So here’s one I found yesterday: has full 360 degree shots from around the world and in my honest opinion is very cool. Some of the shots are just ordinary everyday life but some give a sense of actually being there, check out the Austria National Library. Requires Quicktime but everyone should have it, but if you have a weak stomach be warned that spinning the image around in circles could cause motion sickness.

If you have a cool site let me know about it and I’ll highlight it up here.

Time for a little demolition

We’ve been stripping down our dining room and kitchen to get ready for a big remodel. I got to take out a little aggression and bust out the dry wall from the water-damaged soffit over the breakfast bar. Half of the thing pretty much just crumpled when you whacked it, leaving a nice mess.