Macro Mystery #4

Been a little while since the last Macro Mystery so I thought I’d do a quick one with the D90. Like usual, don’t look at the comments if you don’t want the answer spoiled, but this one is easy. Click for full size:


Macro Mystery #3

Last time was a little too easy. The shape of the tine and the metal gave it away, but if it was just a picture of scratched up metal it would have been too generic. This time there’s no dead giveaway and I got an old 24mm manual focus lens off Ebay to reverse and give me more magnification. Good luck! If you missed the first 2 Macro Mysteries click “Photography” over in the sidebar. If you don’t want to know what it is don’t click through to the comments. I’ll have to devise some way to let people hide their answers so others can comment without it being ruined.

Macro Mystery #2

Hope you are already for another brain buster, just not quite as difficult as the last one. If you missed out on Macro Mystery #1 check it out for a little background on how I actually took the photo. This time around I used a reversing adapter that let’s me mount a 50mm lens backwards, giving me the magnification I need. I also used a tripod so I could fine tune the focus. So here goes.

Update: The image covers about 1/4 inch square and to keep people guessing longer I’ve made the text of correct answers white. So if you get stuck highlight the comments with blank spaces.

Macro Mystery #1

Let’s play a game I like to call “Tell Me What This Is A Picture Of”! I was tinkering around and read up a little on macro photography. Turns out you can stack lenses and by some sort of optical magic you get a nice super duper macro lens. So I opened my 50mm f/1.8 up to f/1.8, held it to the front of my 18-200mm, setup a manual exposure (f/16, 1/250), and setup my flash (1/8 power) to fire remotely off camera. My lenses normally only focus down to about a foot, even at 200mm that doesn’t get you terribly close. Stacking the lenses let me focus at a little less than one inch because of previously mentioned optical magic; only problem is the depth of field is only several millimeters. Such a small depth of field makes focusing hard, really hard.

Since Kevin doesn’t do MindTrap Monday anymore I figured we needed some sort of riddle posts going on. So who will be the first to guess what the Macro Mystery shot below is of? Hint about scale: The image covers about 1/4 inch square.

Macro Mystery #1

 Update: Paul wins and here’s the whole thing. The macro shot is of the scuff right there on the front.