Cool Site of the Day: Slickdeals

Well is more helpful than it is cool. If you are like me, you are particular about how you spend your money. That’s not the same as being cheap, it is more of an appreciation for economic efficiency. They have a diverse variety of deals, from MP3 players to office supplies and I find something of interest every couple of days.

Cool Site of the Day:

Since I have a mild addiction to the Internet (healthy ambition to learn and gather information is how I like to think of it) I want to highlight some of the cool stuff I come across and the more useful sites that I use frequently. So here’s one I found yesterday: has full 360 degree shots from around the world and in my honest opinion is very cool. Some of the shots are just ordinary everyday life but some give a sense of actually being there, check out the Austria National Library. Requires Quicktime but everyone should have it, but if you have a weak stomach be warned that spinning the image around in circles could cause motion sickness.

If you have a cool site let me know about it and I’ll highlight it up here.

A Non-Geek Friendly Introduction to AJAX

Just like the Internet, Al Gore didn’t invent it. Some of you might not be terribly nerdy/geeky/techie people, but since you are here looking at this site you are using the Internet, this should be of interest to you. If anything it will make you smarter and in a few years you can impress your friends by saying “Eh whatever, I heard about AJAX back in 2005, big deal.”

AJAX stands for (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), this may be gibberish but it will change (you may have already unknowingly experienced it) the way you interact with your computer and the Internet. With the current state of the net, you are presented with a static page that loads in your browser and you read it or make some changes and refresh the page or submit a form, etc… Nothing very exciting.

AJAX uses technology behind the scenes to communicate with a server and returns information to the page you are looking at without refreshing the page, allowing it to become truly dynamic and interactive. The best way to further explain is to see it in action and decide for yourself the cool factor.

Google Maps, Google Suggest, Meebo

More information on AJAX