Republik Of Kalifornia Insanity

I took possession of my new to me Rossi Model 62 .22 pump action rifle yesterday after jumping through a few hoops. I showed up at Ammo Bros a little after 6pm to pick up my gun after the 10 day waiting period. In California the law states that all sales and transfers of firearms must be accompanied by a cable/trigger lock with a receipt from the last 30 days or proof you have a safe. Fine I’ll buy a $5 cable lock, but the guy helping me noticed the chamber wouldn’t accept a cable so I’d need a trigger lock. They didn’t have any so it was off to Turner’s to buy their last trigger lock (rung up at $30, but it had an old $20 sticker on it which they honored) and hurry back to Ammo Bros before they closed.

So they check off that I have the trigger lock and receipt and hand me my gun. So now I have an unopened trigger lock and no lawful requirement that it actually be used. This is just one of California’s wacky gun laws. They should pass a law saying all scooter/motorcycle sales (even private party sales) be accompanied with proof of ownership of a helmet, but then you don’t actually have to wear one while riding. I don’t see why I shouldn’t return the trigger lock and reclaim my $22.

Off to Seattle tonight for a nice little vacation. I hit my one year with the county last week so I can actually use my vacation. Also, my promotion went throught last week so I’m now an Application Developer I.

Birthday fun

Turned 24 yesterday and celebrated with inexpensive dinner and dessert at Chick-fil-A by the slightly mediocre movie The Bank Job at home. Dinner with the family tonight, Dave and Buster’s on Saturday for Kurtis, trip to Dana Point on Sunday, and then Vegas Monday through Wednesday for more mourning of the end of Kurtis’s bachelor status.

I wasn’t planning on getting much in the way of birthday presents, but I’m getting myself something that I just couldn’t resist. Saw an older Rossi Model 62 .22 pump action rifle for sale on and the price was good. It’s a remake of the classic Winchester Model 62, but those cost 3-4 times as much. The seller was local so we’re meeting at Ammo Bros tomorrow morning. Should be fun and cheap to shoot, more details to follow.