Boston Trip Pictures Are Up

Finally sorted through 370 pics from Boston and got them posted up on Picasa. Take a look. Check out the night shot from MIT at the end of the gallery, I did a bit of HDR magic on it since the lights up on the dome were super bright compared to the interior lights.

Boston 2009

New Image Organization Strategy

I have just shy of 10,000 images archived and managing them is not an easy task. I decided to go with Picasa because of their software which turns out to be fantastic, I don’t think I had used it since version 1 or 2, and it is free. I doubt I’ll be hitting the 1GB any time soon and I’m uploading 1600×1200 which are good enough for 4×6’s if anyone wants to order prints.

My new photo organization strategy will let me move to a different host quickly if I outgrow Picasa. Previously I only had one folder called “Images” with a bunch of subfolders for different sets like “Andrew Birthday 2002”. For my new system I renamed my “Images” folder to “Image Archive” and created a new folder called “Image Gallery”. Here’s how my workflow is going to go now:

  1. Camera imports go straight into “Image Archive/_Import”
  2. Sort through and star favorites of the imports
  3. Copy favorites to a folder in “Image Gallery” for publishing
  4. Move imports to an appropriate folder in “Image Archive”
  5. Process images in the Image Gallery folder leaving original files alone in the Archive
  6. Image Gallery folders are then printed and/or posted to the web
  7. Run backup sync to external hard drive

Previously I was creating a “picks” subfolder inside each set’s subfolder and didn’t have an easy way to see the images I had printed or posted to the web. I was also resizing for the web before uploading so I’d sometimes have “web” folders under the “picks” folder. This will keep things nice and tidy.

I might refine my directory structure or naming scheme eventually, but having a completely seperate folder with my full size favorites ready for use will make getting things published a lot easier. The Archive will now strictly be an organized vault of the original images coming off the camera.

Other photo news, I sold the D70 for $340 and I’m just waiting for my $200 cashback from Microsoft at the end of the month. That brings my upgrade cost to $360 dollars, not too shabby.

New pictures up in gallery

Got some new pictures up in my image gallery: Turlock from earlier this year (The Blarg had high def video posted, I’ll stick to pics) and My Righteous Indignation’s graduation/hooding/party. Enjoy.

And just a side note on the pics. I processed the heck out of the Turlock pics in Photoshop with a painfully manual workflow. The graduation pics were processed with the Adobe Lightroom beta and are pretty much straight from the camera except for a little cropping and white balance adjustment. I’m going to be using Lightroom some more and write up my impressions. The one thing I’m really liking is non-destructive edits; no more exporting to TIFF so I don’t have to worry about saving JPEGs more than once.