Once you have LCD you’ll never go back

I got a new monitor. It is pretty sweet. It is a Dell 2007WFP 20 inch widescreen. I like it a lot. Here is a picture of it.

I bet writing like this annoys Denise. Have a swell Sunday. I am going to do homework and prepare for a job interview and more resume submitting.

MicroSD vs CompactFlash Size Comparison

Last week I dumped Sprint and signed on with Verizon and got a brand new spiffy phone. I did some research and the Motorolla e815 was one of their best offerings but I’ll post on that a little later. Well my new phone has an expansion slot for a MicroSD card (formally known as TransFlash) and I picked up a 512 MB to load up pictures, songs, ringtones, video etc… on my phone. Here it is side by side with my 512 MB Compact Flash card (which I am about to replace with a 2 GB card. The MicroSD card is just a tad smaller wouldn’t you say.