Modified the Blix template

Well if you have visited my site sometime before this evening, you should notice a very different layout and color scheme. I spent a good part of the night getting it put together and there is still lots of work to do. The comments page is still using the old color scheme but that will be fixed eventually. I’m going to hopefully get this template cleaned up real nice and polished and release for others to download and use.

Time for a little demolition

We’ve been stripping down our dining room and kitchen to get ready for a big remodel. I got to take out a little aggression and bust out the dry wall from the water-damaged soffit over the breakfast bar. Half of the thing pretty much just crumpled when you whacked it, leaving a nice mess.

Google Search Update

In that past several weeks I’ve been moving up on the Google search results for several key searches. I’m now number 1 when searching for “geeky” and “weekly” and in a new surprise, 8th with “andrew” and “charlton”. Hopefully I’ll have content up soon where people will come across my work here without actually knowing my name or the name of the site.

Google search for geeky weekly
Google search for andrew charlton

I am the most picky blog user ever!

Well I’ve been fooling myself about what I really want to do with my site. If I had taken a look at my preference for everything else in life, I should have immediately gone with a blog program that is simple and straight forward, but still offer a wealth of features.

I started out with my own hand-coded blog named after my forwarder, After that I bought my domain name and setup with as a host, I tried Mambo, Nucleus and Serendipity. I liked them both but GoDaddy’s terrible servers killed it for me. I moved to and tried Drupal but I just wasn’t digging it, I was spending more time trying to get it setup where I want it instead of actually writing and producing content (and not doing schoolwork in the process).

So here I am now on my sixth install of blogging software. The most important word there is “blogging”. I finally realized that all I want to do is write some blogs, maybe some static pages and put a bunch of links over in the sidebar. I had to fight the geek inside of me and ended up choosing a less geeky solution for my blog.

The only things that will change for now on is the amount of posts and content and the layout!