My Malouf Zoned Dough Memory Foam Pillow Review

I never thought I’d actually be excited enough about a pillow to post a review on the Internet about my experience. In the past I never put that much thought or research into my pillows and would end up with something filled with polyester from Target that cost $15 or $20. Six months later it would be lumpy and hard and I’d wake up with sore ears.

I was getting fed up with not being comfortable and having a hard time getting to sleep so I started doing some research and browsing on Amazon. A couple years ago I bought a 1″ latex mattress topper that we are really happy with so I started looking at latex and memory foam. Latex isn’t as popular as memory foam, but it is springier with different levels of firmness/density. Memory foam seems to be either soft where you sink right into it (leading to complains about it sleeping hot) or too firm and it just feels like hard foam. This turned me off from a lot of memory foam pillows and I had already ruled out polyester fill and down.

My research eventually led to a line of pillows from a company called Malouf. They have a couple different pillows using latex and memory foam, but one really stood out that looked like it would solve my aching ear problem: the Malouf Zoned Dough Memory Foam Pillow.

I was a little reluctant to spend more money on a pillow I couldn’t touch and see in the store, but doing that in the past hasn’t done me any good so I pulled the trigger on a King low loft firm dough pillow. It came in a massive box (seriously Amazon), but right away I knew I was going to like it.

The foam itself feels like a cross between memory foam and latex. From here on out I will just refer to it as “the dough”. You sink into the dough, but it is still fairly firm and supportive. And even though it feels firm it is still one of the softest pillows I’ve used. It is actually kind of a strange feeling at first. The zoning and ventilation probably play into this great feeling. The edge has smaller holes that provide more support for your neck while the middle has larger holes that adds the softness on your head. The result has been a very supportive and comfortable sleep.

Fast forward a month and my wife has stolen the first dough pillow. I went back to order another one and decided to try the high loft firm model. My pillows have always seemed to be a bit too short which made my spine feel like it was just slightly out of alignment (or I would compensate by laying on my side a little crooked). The high loft is definitely higher and turned out to be just right. It took about a week to get use to, but I feel like my neck is straight and supported better.

Low loft vs high loft, firm vs plush

If you are a back sleeper, have a smaller body type or have a really soft bed then the low loft is probably the better height. If you already sleep with a really high pillow (or multiple), have a bigger body type or firm bed then the high loft might be a better fit. Smaller woman might have a tough time with the high loft either way.

Both pillows I bought were the firm so I can’t compare it to the plush. Amazon reviews seem to be all over the place on the differences. The one thing I know is if my high loft pillow was any softer and I sunk down further then it might actually obstruct my breathing little. So until I get my head on one of the plush models I can’t honestly compare them. To be safe I just suggest the firm.

Amazon seems to be the only place carrying these pillows at a reasonable price.

I really can’t recommend these pillows enough. The extra cost should be offset by their longer life and getting better sleep. One hint: take the pillow out of the cover for a few days to air out as it does have a slight smell right out of the box. It didn’t bother me at all, but the wife was a little more sensitive to it.

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  1. I wonder if squashed ears on pillows is a family wide problem? I hate that.

    These sound cool. The only foamy pillows I’ve tried squashed my ears even worse than a regular pillow. Also, Paul loves foam pillows, so why not add a doughy one to his collection.

  2. You should have gone with the Mypil… after all, you are a man who work with computer everyday! You work very hardly! And when you leading book, you leading book much time!

    Am I the only one who uses reader? Am I the only one who saw that awesome comment?

  3. Before you bought the Z pillow ,did you try Tempur-pedic pillows I’m tempted to buy a Tempur-pedic wincing price , I was wondering how the Z pillow compared with the Tempur-pedic pillows.
    if you can reply to this thank you Jeff from North Carolina

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