Facebook Gets Demoted

Cory and Tommy took the big step of deactivating Facebook, but I’m just demoting it a bit. I removed all my personal information and turned off the majority of notifications. My wall and comments have also been disabled. I left pictures up, but will not be posting more on Facebook. I have configured my blog to post a “New blog post” teaser on my wall which people can click through if they care. I removed the Status Update feed from Google Reader and uninstalled the Facebook app off my phone.

I prefer my web presence to be somewhere I have more control of my personal data. I highly doubt I’ll miss it since I never particularly liked it to begin with. Let our blogs live on.

3 Replies to “Facebook Gets Demoted”

  1. hurray! I like how we sound like some kind of visionaries. I actually full on deleted my facebook, so there’s actually no going back for me. Not to brag or anything. But right on! I took a look at the trend of my blog posting and it has steadily dropped since I started in 2007. It’s time to fix that.

  2. I kept it up mostly for photos that family post. I haven’t actually visited Facebook since then and doubt I really missed much yet.

  3. Yeah, I’ve got all my privacy locked down to “Just Friends,” and I’m only posting if I have something really exciting to say. But still I’d rather update my blog, and let that show up on facebook.

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