World of Goo Review

I’ve always had a soft spot for a good puzzle game. The Incredible Machine series was always one of my favorites and Portal is simply a puzzle masterpiece. I heard about World of Goo a while back and heard good things about it, but never tried it. Steam has it on sale this weekend for $5 and there’s a demo available to try out. I went ahead and bought it after playing the demo.

The gameplay is pretty darn simple. You have to connect your balls of goo into a structure to reach a pipe for your remaning goo balls to escape from. Each level has a goal to reach so you can’t go crazy building your bridges and towers. There’s a couple different types of goo that you have to use to your advantage. The physics and writing in the game are great. The demo only covered the first of four parts and I’m looking forward to the rest.

Pick up World of Goo this weekend if you want a quirky little game that requires a little more thought and problem solving than your average game.

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