Tax Time 2008: Free TurboTax Deluxe From State Farm Again

Last year State Farm offered free TurboTax with federal and state e-filing to all of its customers. This year they continued that offer, but limited it to their banking customers which excluded me as an insurance only customer. When I found out I applied for one of their credit cards and the other night I got it added to my State Farm account. Logged in and the link to sign up for TurboTax appeared. Yeah free filing again this year.

There was some uproar from TurboTax customers this year when Intuit tried to introduce a $10 fee to just print more than one return. You got the first federal e-file free, you could print a state return or pay to e-file it, but then any other return you wanted to do would cost $10 to simply print. People were just absolutely hammering on them in reviews. They saw their error and now you get 5 free federal e-files and you can print as many other returns as you want. If I was paying for it I might have considered switching to TaxCut.

If I can get into H&R Block’s TaxCut to do a test return I might post some of my impressions and compare the two packages.

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  1. got to love doing taxes :( last year of commission wasn’t too good so taxes shouldn’t be that bad this time around…with this years recession next tax year should be fine aswell…

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