Not Using Google Reader? You should and here’s how

Google posted up a video guide that goes through how to use Google Reader. I posted about using Google Reader to keep up on your friends’ blogs back in 2007, but a lot of people have joined our little blogging circle since then. If you aren’t using a feed reader and still click through to everyone’s site then give Google Reader a try.

I’m also experimenting with Facebook imports, so if you are seeing this on Facebook, come visit our blogs if you have never been before. My siblings have to fly under the radar at and

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  1. I went through and did some aggressive pruning. Been trying to figure out how to use it effectively. Large number of friends means lots of stuff to wade through in the news feed even with preferences set. You’re back on.

  2. To bad the Whopper app was banned, you’d probably have a few of them. I agree with a large number of friends it’s hard to keep updated.
    The news feed for a long time didn’t operate like it was supposed to. In the last month it seems to better respond to the preference sliders. I’ve been tuning mine using the more/less option for each story that pops up and it seems to be at a good point now.

  3. My favorite part is sharing good stuff with friends on google reader. For some reason I’m still only getting stuff from Kurtis, you, and Padfoot. I don’t see Angelo as a friend sharing to me.

  4. Think you have to talk to them through Google chat first. I wasn’t seeing Angelo either, just tried sending an invite through the Sharing settings.

  5. I dunno….I added EVERYONE in my contact list to my “friends” group, and then I set my shared items to “friends,” so I’m now sharing with 90 people. I’m only being shared to by 4 people though…you, kurtis, padfoot, and sarah.

    And I assume people already do this, but once you put the “note in reader” bookmark in your quick links bar at the top, it’s super easy to share!

  6. Let me apologize and complement google before I continue to chastise it.

    Some how a few friends of mine magically dropped off my list. The adding of friends via chat to get them to be your friend with reader is both VERY clunky and quasi-under documented/super confusing to those not in the know. Shared/Friend mgmt should be kept within reader.

    I’ve said it before but reader really needs some kind of threaded comment system since you can share items with a note, it would be nice to have some kind of discussion within reader and with your friends.

    Andrew, I don’t see a request in my gmail account, though I don’t use my personal domain for Reader, I’m using my address. Another mis-match clunky mis-feature of Google Apps For Your Domain vs Gmail/Google Account.

  7. In Google Reader you can Share stuff (using the Share or Share with note buttons in the reading pane) you read and it shows up in your “Friends’ shared items” list. Problem is it is a pain to setup who you share with and who shares with you.

    Send me a chat invite from your gmail account Angelo, I only have your domain email address.

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