Hello from G1

Ditched Verizon finally and moved to T-Mobile. I decided to splurge and got the G1 which I’m digging so far. Keyboard is nice and this WordPress app I downloaded seems to work well. The picture below was taken as I write this post and then selected to be embedded. Not too shabby for the first night.


7 Replies to “Hello from G1”

  1. Yup, free mobile to mobile with you and the parents now. We’ve got text messaging now too so text away. And all I gotta say is Costco is awesome for phones, best deal I could have pulled anywhere.

  2. i have a G1 too! it was a Christmas gift and i really like it, except i don’t like having a screen with fingerprints or smudges on it (any kind of screen, computer, tv, phone…), and with a touch-screen phone where you have to drag your fingers across the screen for the menus and stuff, it’s inevitable. i spend more time cleaning it than using it. haha. but it is really nice.

  3. Cool. I left the plastic on the screen and it’s holding up so far. If it ever starts peeling off I’ll put a new protector on it.

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