Blog CSS makeover

Did a little work on my blog’s theme to bring it up to speed with WordPress 2.7. Been using the same theme with a few modifications since WP 1.5 so it was time for a little refresh. List of changes:

  • New font and font sizes.
  • Reset all padding and margins. This made it easy to get consistent spacing across the entire site using margins only.
  • New comments output with gravatar support. Using the new wp_list_comments function with a custom callback to separate trackbacks.
  • Moved header text down so the tails of the Y’s go into the background of the main column, that’s the extent of my creativity.
  • Category and tag pages only show excerpts now.
  • Edited robots.txt and sitemap.xml to avoid Google indexing duplicate content on archive pages.
  • Increased total container width to 895px, my stats show only about 1.2% of people who visit my blog are on 800 x 600 so there’s no point in designing for them anymore.
  • Added code to show Google AdSense to visitors coming straight from a Google search. Did that about a month ago, I’ve made $7 inĀ  February so far.

10 Replies to “Blog CSS makeover”

  1. Should be fixed now. I converted everything to use em’s instead of pixels and the textarea didn’t like it for some reason. Hardcoded it to 12px.

  2. I’m a big fan of compressed headers, one of my biggest pet peeves is when a blog/website header takes up 25+% of the page, it’s wasted real estate especially with all the 16:10 monitors.

    Overall the site fonts and layout look much better than before. I guess I forgot to mention about the site search box button earlier but it appears to be resolved now.

  3. Yeah my font sizes and margins/padding were all over the place before. Now there’s 2ems around the main content and 1em between everything else. Verdana seems to be a bit easier to read when compared next to Arial.

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