20,000th Track Play on Last.fm

I started scrobbling on Last.fm back in 2006 and last week my track odometer rolled over to 20,000. My musical tastes have evolved since high school and I’ve definitely explored more since graduating college, but my top 15 artists aren’t too surprising. If this list was populated during high school then punk and ska would make up almost all of the scrobbles. Since then bands like Fountains of Wayne and The New Pornographers have crept into the top 5. Taking a look at more recent tracks I’ve branched out a bit with more indie like Vampire Weekend, but didn’t stray far from my roots by getting into The Vandals.

19999. Slick Shoes – Tired Of You
20000. Motion City Soundtrack – This Is For Real
20001. The Presidents of the United States of America – Last Girl on Earth

Top 15 Artists Overall Plays
1 The Presidents of the United States of America
2 Fountains of Wayne
3 Less Than Jake
4 The New Pornographers
5 Gnarls Barkley
6 Reel Big Fish
7 MxPx
8 Cake
9 Beck
10 The White Stripes
11 Goldfinger
12 The Hippos
13 Five Iron Frenzy
14 Incubus
15 Ben Folds Five

Noticed Paddy is coming up on 20k scrobbles too and we only share 1 Top 15 Artist yet our compatibility is VERY HIGH.

7 Replies to “20,000th Track Play on Last.fm”

  1. I’ve got 59,685 plays since the beginning of 2007. My last.fm doesn’t even register music I’m listening to a lot of the time.

    Too much music. Way too much.

    I do love looking at other people’s charts though. Always cool to see what others are in to.

  2. Interesting. I’ll have to do one of these posts when I hit 20k.

    Funny how we are very compatible too, with only one top 15 artist. I guess the others are alike. Maybe I should look into what you listen too.

  3. Gnarls Barkley at #5 kind of surprised me since they only have 2 albums out and I haven’t listened to the newer one a whole lot. That means I listened to their first album quite a few times. The rest of the Top 15 have 3 or more albums a piece so it isn’t too surprising that they racked up more plays.

    Fountains of Wayne is highly recommended and The Hippos are great if you want something more obscure (Heads Are Gonna Roll and Forget the World are ska/punk, but they switched to synthpop on their last album, still good though).

  4. I’m not even close to that. I hardly do any listening while sitting at the computer anymore. I wish it could somehow suck the play info off my mp3 player and upload it, since I do most of my listening in the car.

  5. Most of my recent plays have been from my Ipod, the Last.fm app scrobbles when you sync in iTunes. Not sure if there’s anything out there for the Zen.

  6. Probably the wrong place to reply, but I just downloaded your 2.8 Link Order plugin for WordPress 2.8. It nicely lets me move the links around again where it sorts, but the displayed page never updates. Can you point me to a solution?


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