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If you subscribe to my comments feed you probably see all the comments related to my plugins. Over the past 2  years I’ve had a thousand comments and probably at least another thousand emails exchanged with WordPress users. I must have found a pretty good niche with my ordering plugins considering My Page order hit the second page in the list of Popular plugins on the WordPress Extend site. There’s about 2000 plugins on the site and I’m coming in at around #19. That’s pretty sweet.

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  1. Yup, doing some testing to see if I like it. The threading plugin is nice, but there’s no option right now to turn emails on and off. No progress on the Google Reader plugin yet.

  2. Which threaded comment plugin is it? I tried one in the past and it was awful. The official Playstation blog put theirs out, it would color the comments, but it was kind of lame. Though it would be a hack, I’m sure you could comment out the mail function.

  3. Ah sweet, didn’t think to look at the tag pages. So what do you think, yes or no on the reply emails? Between the threading and comments feed it should be enough to keep discussions humming along.

  4. I’d vote no for email replies… it’s a nice feature but w/o per user control (even via a cookie) it could get annoying for some…

    You could put up a disclaimer in the comment box or something to warn people (not that most READ any type of disclaimer/signage/instructions.

    However, if you kept it on, it wouldn’t bug me because I’d probably just use my less instantly notified / gmail account for commenting.

    I can see it being a huge benefit for those who are looking for tech support in one of your “plugin” threads. I guess it would mostly depend on who provides most of your comments/replies and if it would benefit them.

    Wow that was quite a circular response… so in summary, I guess I don’t know! :)

  5. I like this plugin, it’s so much better than the other two I tried in the past, good find!
    The options are decent though I don’t like that you have to set a nesting limit, but I don’t see many opportunities on my blog for a huge nest of comments and it would get pretty messy after too many.

  6. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the threaded stuff. Unless you’re getting 20+ comments on every discussion, it actually looks a little more confusing. Even when forums give me the opportunity to pick in-line or nested or whatever the options are, I always pick the straight one where comments are one after the other.

  7. Yeah I see what you mean, I mostly just wanted to check it out and see if it would work. If my site was actually popular and got lots of discussions it might be worthwhile, but it just makes things a little more cluttered.

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