WordPress 2.7 installed and I’m liking it

The release of WP 2.7 is scheduled for the 10th and I’ve already installed RC1 and have been thoroughly impressed so far. The admin area and menus have been completely overhauled and the results are great. I highly recommend the upgrade.

The update also added nice stuff that was previously accomplished with plugins. The Dashboard is a lot more customizable now. Plugins can now be installed from within WordPress by either searching the Extend repository or uploading a zip. You can also delete plugins too so that eliminates most of the need for FTP access.

I updated my plugins to be compatible with 2.7 so grab those updates.

I’m also getting ready to start building up my photo gallery at Picasa and sticking to an organization system that works. Picasa 3 is a very nice piece of software to help accomplish that.

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  1. I did the same and I agree it’s great, I’m also excited for the automatic upgrade feature.

    The Picasa software is very nice but unfortunately not available for the mac yet.

    For online storage / display I settled on flickr and purchased pro account. It’s $24.95 per year and you get unlimited uploads (up to 20mb per photo), storage, bandwidth, photosets, storage of the original image, auto generation of 5 sizes of the image which you can use anywhere on the web and stats.

  2. The auto update and plugin management sound awesome.

    The flickr idea actually sounds pretty sweet just in terms of redundant back-up of your photos, as opposed to something like Amazon’s S3 stuff.

  3. I like the idea of S3 but I think for photos flickr pro is worth the money for an offsite, instantly viewable backup of your images. You can control / restrict photos or sets and there are a bunch of upload / download programs to help.

    I love the work flow also. I shoot, capture images, edit locally, tag then export to flickr. With families always wanting to see (baby) photos this is the best way to keep them fed. Plus I grew tired of running/maintaining gallery(2) and having to back it up regularly.

  4. Hey…
    So thankful for your link reorder plugin.
    I installed it via the 2.7 admin panel and reordered my link categories…but it doesn’t change the order unfortunately.

    Any thoughts?
    I even tried using the reverse order to see if that changed anything…but it doesn’t (the link categories are listed in the order that I originally created them.)

    Look forward to your feedback!

  5. Wow I just upgraded to 2.7 and then found My Link Order was compatible with 2.7 AND Ikarus theme, its like early Christmas thank you! *gazes admiringly :)

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