Web host migration complete

Finished moving myself, The Blarg and Mike over to the new host. We’ve got lots of space and bandwidth so just have to find something to do with it. If anyone is getting tired of their Blogger or WordPress.com blogs and wants more flexibility I can hook you up. Blogger’s commenting system sucks so I would be happy to help migrate any converts.

4 Replies to “Web host migration complete”

  1. Moving domains is a blast! I’ve done quite a few in my 10+ years of hosting and some of them were monsters!

    I finally learned it wasn’t worth the stress/lack of money to manage so many sites. So after the most recent switch (about 9 months or so now) I think I’m down to about 20 and most of them are very easy sites to manage.

    I have noticed G2 is running much better on your newer server. Good Job.

  2. I used the Gallery load times to benchmark the two servers. Old server = 8-12 second response, new server = 2-3 seconds. Now I just need to put something new in Gallery.

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