the lolcat fever. i has it.

The most significant Internet development of 2007 is undoubtedly the explosion of putting humorous captions on pictures of cats which has come to be known as lolcats. If you have no idea what I’m talking about see this post that really kicked off the lolcat phenomenon. xkcd even acknowledged the lolcat phenomenon with this comic. There’s no point trying to make sense of it. Either you think it’s funny or you don’t. It does help to be a geek and have an odd sense of humor. Which category do you put yourself in: show me the kittehs, this is freaking retarded or I don’t get it? Here are some past phenomenons I enjoyed if you happened to miss them:

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  1. So you’re saying icanhascheezburger kicked off the lolcat phenomenon?

    What about the old “Caturday” posts? They were around long before icanhascheezburger.

  2. In my opinion icanhascheezburger was a large driving force behind getting lolcats to the level of meme; it didn’t start the actual practice of putting stupid captions on pictures of cats. I had several sentences in the post about Caturday images being traced back to 2005/2006, but cut them because of relevance. The origins of this meme is well documented else where and I didn’t feel it was really necessary to go into much depth on the meme’s history.

    This post was mostly concerned about when lolcats grew in popularity and reached a larger audience much like some of the memes I listed. I doubt the guys in the diet coke and mentos video were the first to ever do so, but that video nevertheless kicked off the phenomenon.

    But you didn’t answer the question I posed in the post, do you like lolcats or think they are dumb? Would be nice if you can at least do that before you jump to criticize the validity of my post.

  3. Yikes, I guess I struck a chord…

    To answer the question:

    Yes, I’ve liked the *lolcats* since they were *caturday* posts.

    In summary…


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