The Downey Bike Gang

We (Yosts, Wallaces, Jason, Luna, Sarah and me) had our inaugural bike ride tonight. Met at the Park’s and rode up to Blizzberry. Good times were had. Picked up some glowsticks and stuck to side streets to avoid the Po-Po and our illegal rides (no lights). I Google Mapped our route and it was about 6.2 miles roundtrip from the Park’s. Good times, must do it again!

5 Replies to “The Downey Bike Gang”

  1. Sounds fun.

    If you wanted to track the routes you ride, I just remembered somewhere I have a handheld (garmin) GPS I could lend you. After you’re done riding you can take the GPS data off the unit and import it into goo-earth and make KMZs of your trips.

  2. I’m going to get a cyclocomputer eventually to track the distance of my trips. I don’t really care about tracking where I go, just want to know how far so I have a rough idea when I need to do maintenance.

  3. I’m working on it. Found a plugin, WP-o-matic, that scrapes feeds and automatically creates posts of the contents. The two “Shared” posts are tests using it. For now I might have the posts go in as drafts so I can set an appropriate category and tag it before Google Reader gets a hold of it.

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