HD-DVD dead, Blu-ray prices up

With the competition eliminated it seems Blu-ray player prices are creeping up. I’m puzzled about the current player pricing which makes the PS3 a better option than the cheapest standalone player. Hopefully prices will come down as manufacturers finalize on the 2.0 specification and start pumping out more units. In the meantime if you need a nice upconverting DVD player for your standard definition DVDs, grab a Toshiba HD-DVD player on the cheap, which cost about the same as any other upconverting DVD player with HDMI. I’m saving up credit card rewards to cash in for gift cards when prices are a little more palatable.

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  1. A PS3 is hands-down the best blu-ray player right now. Why spend $400 on a standalone player, when you could spend $400 and also be able to play games, and stream audio/video/images from another computer? Not to mention the PS3 can be updated indefinitely.

    I look forward to the movie prices actually becoming reasonable. Not that I buy many movies anymore.

  2. Just to clarify, does “Blu-ray” technology actually use any kind of blue rays shooting out of or into anything in order to make the technologies and magics happen? Cuz if they don’t, its false advertising.

  3. Funny how that works eh, it’s like OPEC and BDA became friends and shared business tactics.

    Also the prices of discs in the HD area have kept me from buying many BD movies. The few I have just look amazing! I don’t know I guess my movie viewing strategy has also changed over the last few years.

    I’m so glad BD won, it really is the better technology, being completely re-engineered from the ground up. HD-DVD was a hack/upgrade to DVD.

    I think right now there is just too much going on with the transition from HD-DVD to BD, once it calms down things should get better.

    I agree with Nathan, the PS3 is a great BD player and is nearly limitless with firmware updates.

    The only criticism the PS3 receives is that it lacks a certain audio chip which prevents it from ever being able to decode DTS-HD and I think some other obscure (lossless) codecs and it doesn’t do bitstream output.

    I say big deal. I don’t think many people will ever miss or notice this small shortcoming and it’ll always be able to transcode to AC3 or DTS.

    As a video game system, the games are getting better for the PS3. If you get an earlier version you’ll have backwards compatibility with PS2 games. If you ever buy a PSP they play VERY nicely together.

    Also I’m so excited because coming early June we’ll have the physics sandbox: Little Big Planet, which just looks absolutely amazing!

    With as much guff as we get as PS3 owners, I have no regrets purchasing one.

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