First long bike ride

Yesterday, a group of us went down to the beach to surf and relax. I’m not big on surfing or laying on the sand waiting to inevitably get burned so I decided to ride down and meet everyone. I started out at the Wallace ranch and got on the San Gabriel River Trail at Imperial Hwy. The trail ends at the beach in Seal Beach so I made my way over to PCH for a hop over to Sunset Beach and rode through the parking lot to end up at the north end of Bolsa Chica. 20 miles total, 1:50 of actual pedal time with a few breaks along the way at Liberty Park, El Dorado and Seal Beach.

It was probably the best workout I’ve had in 3 years and I’m not even sore today. If I had gone surfing or attempted to run a couple miles I’d be feeling the pain today. Cycling is probably my best bet to get in shape right now. I’m also pondering an attempt at the 100 Pushup Challenge.

4 Replies to “First long bike ride”

  1. Jason and I are quite impressed with your ability to ride 20 freaking miles and not get sore. You”ll have to call Jason up when you’re ready to do it again!

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