Check your credit card transactions often

I spend about 2 minutes every week checking on my finances and paying bills. Most of the time I just log into Yodlee MoneyCenter and review my transactions and make sure they are categorized right. Logged into today and found a charge from some stock photography website for $10. Called Citi up and disputed the charge and they immediately credited my account. Without careful inspection that unauthorized charge might have gone unnoticed and I would have been out $10. That $10 could have easily been $100 and if I just looked at my monthly balance I probably wouldn’t have caught the charge. Do any of you review your statements with a fine-toothed comb?

3 Replies to “Check your credit card transactions often”

  1. I used to check at least once a month, but since using BofA’s portfolio I’m finding I check more often.

    The last charge I found, was an international charge some kind of cash advance in Japan, it was under $10 and I suspected someone was trying to figure out if the card number they had (probably from a CC# generator) would work.

    I called AMEX disputed it and changed the number, nothing has happened since then.

    I agree it’s important to watch charges, especially if you use your CC online. Also for online purchases I often use a temporary/generated number which expires after a few months, so no worries on the database storage of many online shopping sites.

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