Bike Commute Day 1

I got my rack and pannier bag installed last week and ended up riding to work today. The bag I got works great, more than enough room for a change of clothes, shoes and lunch. Felt a little weird walking into the building in shorts and sandals. My team lead comes in later than me and leaves earlier so I’m changing in her office. I kept a quick pace coming in and got a little sweatier than I wanted so I’ll just have to take my time. I’ll post a picture of my complete commuter setup.

I’ll probably end up really liking a bike commute. At 6:40am the streets are pretty quiet and peaceful which makes for a nice relaxing start. I’ll be forced to bring my lunch more often so I need to start exploring lunches more exciting than PB&J.

3 Replies to “Bike Commute Day 1”

  1. Andrew—that’s excellent!!! Good for you! I would love to bike ride to work—however I think I’d have to leave at 2am to make my 7am start time. Oh and I’d need to find a way to attach Charlotte’s car seat to my beach cruiser. Wow—5 strikes against the dream of bike riding
    1. I’d have to leave house at 2am
    2. I’d need to find a way to attach the carseat to bike
    3. I’d have to carry not only a change of clothes but will most likely need to carry shampoo and other cleansing products after biking 40 miles.
    4. I’d need to find a way to carry Charlotte’s baby bag & food in addition to my cleansing needs bag. AND last but certainly not least—
    5. I own a beach cruiser without any gears!!! It’s all me and my legs doing the work.
    Darn–looks like it won’t work, but enjoy your morning relaxing ride.

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