Better Google Reader Firefox Extension

Lifehacker has been publishing a Better Gmail Extension which does some nifty things like adding attachment icons and hiding various things. Just saw today that there is now a similar extension for Google Reader. Not as many features as the Gmail extension, but there are a couple I find pretty useful. “Auto Add to Reader” bypasses the iGoogle or Reader option screen when subscribing to feeds and the “Preview Item” opens up the actual webpage in an iframe inside Google Reader either automatically or by clicking a button. That’s pretty nifty since it makes it easier to open a blog post and post a comment right there without having to juggle tabs or windows. The last thing I really liked is displaying favicons inside the list of subscriptions much like regular bookmarks.

Better GReader

4 Replies to “Better Google Reader Firefox Extension”

  1. Just noticed that if you just click the title inside an item it opens the preview frame which is nice. Clicking the little arrows in the item’s row still opens stuff in a new tab/window.

    I also want to see what happens if I post a comment on a scheduled post.

  2. Ah so these extension are just a package of a bunch of useful greasemonkey scripts. I’ll have to try them out. I wonder if it conflicts with the existing GM scrips I have already enabled.

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