Arizona Road Trip: Day 1

Last week Veteran’s Day was on a Tuesday and my regular day off on Monday gave us the opportunity to take a long weekend away to Arizona. Our general plan was to visit Mike and Danielle, go to their church, head up to Sedona, check out the Grand Canyon, eat at Cracker Barrel and explore anything in between.

So Day 1 we drove out on the 10 and made a stop in Papago Park to check out the Hole in the Rock. Walked around a bit and then headed to the hotel to check in. Priceline’d a nice 3-star Courtyard by Marriott in Chandler. Mike and Danielle were doing a movie in the park outreach that night so we stopped by and then visited at their place. Went back to the hotel and slept in possibly the most comfortable bed ever.

2 Replies to “Arizona Road Trip: Day 1”

  1. It was nice if not a little cold. Mike and Danielle were saying that besides for the really hot summer months, the rest of the year isn’t that bad.

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