Wild Animal Park visit

Took a trip down to San Diego over Labor Day weekend and needed to entertain ourselves during the day so we thought it would be fun to go to the Wild Animal Park. Got there in the morning but it quickly became super duper hot, but I still managed to get some decent shots. Click the lion for the gallery.

Roar I'm a lion

8 Replies to “Wild Animal Park visit”

  1. The shot of the lily pads is great. I really need to buy a pass for the zoo – I think I could have a lot of fun sketching all the beasts. Gorillas really weird me out.

  2. Just downloading the newest version of Order Links. I’m in San Diego dealing with the fires that are everywhere. You made it to the Wild Animal Park just in time. They had to move many of the animals into their animal hospital for cover. Luckily all animals made it through alright. There was even a birth during their evacuation.

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