Time to get active

I graduated high school after playing volleyball for 6 years and was in pretty good shape, then it went downhill from there. During college I was only sporadically physically active and the large amount of walking I did at CSULB certainly helped. I put on 40 pounds in that 4 years so I was doing better than the “Freshman 50”. So today I decided to get back into things and went jog/walking for 40 minutes and rode an exercise bike for 15 minutes. I figure it is about time and having a job that keeps me in front of the computer for most of the day makes it even more important. So let’s hope my quasi-New Year’s resolution sticks and I can lose some weight and tone up for my honeymoon and just life in general.

2 Replies to “Time to get active”

  1. You’re gonna have your wedding/honeymoon photos for a long time. Might as well not regret them.

    Good luck. Let me know if you want to have a jog at the park sometime.

  2. Hardest part for me is working it into my routine. I think you’ve got to make it something like brushing your teeth, where you sort of do it automatically. Otherwise I’ll think about it, but then it never happens.

    Good luck sticking with it.

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